“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one” A.J.Liebling.

The concentration of media ownership in Australia is increasing, resulting in a lack of diversity in the information that is reaching the public.  The main problem with this is that each media corporation has an agenda, and they are able to filter this into the news, therefore distorting the information that influences the audience.

Why then, does it matter who controls the media? As Elizabeth Hart states in her article Media Ownership, it is because “whoever owns the media owns the message”. As much as we tell ourselves that the news is a source of objective fact and that we are being provided with an unbiased view of current affairs, this is not the case. There is always going to be an element of subjective opinion in the news.

The two major players in the media today are Fairfax and NewsCorp. Together, they own more than 50% of Australia’s newspapers, making the Australian media the most concentrated in the world.

John Fairfax Holdings owns the majority of the countries major newspapers, such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, as well as leading Internet sites.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation owns a number of Australia’s leading cable TV programs such as Fox Sports, as well as several capital city newspapers (The Courier Mail and The Daily Telegraph).

Even as I gather this information, I am questioning its quality. Today’s society is so concerned about the credibility of sources as a result of the emergence of the Internet and the absence of gatekeepers, that they forget that the so called ‘credible’ sources we are provided with are no better. The publisher is the supposed ‘guarantor of quality’; meaning that they control what is being put in the papers. Therefore, a very biased and subjective viewpoint is being portrayed through our media, with a great majority of the population remaining blissfully unaware.

Media ownership matters because of control. Diversity of opinion is useful because it represents everyone’s situation. It allows you to form your own opinions on major issues as opposed to being spoon fed the opinion of the egomaniacal bigots that control our media.


10 thoughts on “UNFAIRFAX & NEWSWARP

  1. This is really good! You managed to explain the effect of large corporations owning majority of the media very clearly – which was something I struggled with. I’ve never heard anyone say egomaniacal before – which is amazing and I’ll be looking for an opportunity to throw that one out in conversation.
    The links throughout show that you’ve done a heap of research, I can understand how you wrote 800 words! Well done, awesome.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate the feedback. Yes, it is an interesting word. I came across it in Year 12 Modern History when studying William Randolph Hearst. I was going to try put something in my post about him, but I needed a bigger word count. Thanks again.

  2. This is a really great post! It was easy to read and the examples were all relevant and interesting. Before this course I was definitely part of the population that is ‘blissfully unaware’. The image is also great as it sums up the concept perfectly. Well done 🙂

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  4. I completely agree with your thoughts on credibility. I am also constantly questioning whether the information I have collected is ‘credible’ or not.
    However, I don’t believe that diversity of opinion is ‘useful’; I believe it is necessary. I believe it is necessary to constantly question what you see and hear, whilst it is useful to be aware of the need to do so.
    I enjoy your writing and the way you state the ‘facts’ whilst allowing your personality to shine through, keeping your readers reading.

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